Ensim Releases Advanced Enterprise Version of Ensim Unify OCS Manager

Ensim delivers latest provisioning and management software forMicrosoft Office Communications Server

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Ensim Corporation has released a new version of Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition OCS Manager; the software enables medium and large organizations to automate their security and compliance policies down to the feature level within Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS).

The explosive growth of OCS poses significant security and compliance challenges, including support for complex IT policies such as multiple provisioning workflows for different types of employees in regulated environments. Additional capabilities addressed by OCS Manager include multi-level help desk support and the ability to minimize the burden on IT caused by manual or scripted update processes.

Ensim Unify OCS Manager delivers a provisioning and management solution that integrates with a customer's existing directory infrastructure and provisioning policies and supports multiple provisioning workflows, while automating hundreds of daily updates. Its delegated administration model enables end-user self-service based on IT policy while offering full audit and reporting for these processes. In addition, Ensim's OCS Manager provides control at the feature level to fully automate enforcement of compliance policy while insulating organizations from the need to make changes to their legacy systems with each new OCS release.

OCS Manager Version 2.5 includes new features such as:

  • Provisioning Policy and Template Enhancements: Administrators can choose to set a global policy or have it controlled for each user or group of users. Additionally, several new policies have been added for automatic generation of SIP addresses for accounts, and de-provisioning policies have been added to automatically disable all communicator access for terminated accounts.

  • Faster Enterprise Voice Deployment: Built-in telephone number provisioning templates can be configured to read the telephone number for existing data in corporate directories or allocate a number from an existing number inventory management system.

  • Group Chat Administration: Adds a comprehensive Web-based group chat administration tool that enables administrators to easily manage and control their entire group chat infrastructure.

  • Contact List Management: Administrators can now create contact list templates with pre-populated contacts. Templates can be configured in provisioning policies to seed the contact list during the on-boarding process of new user accounts. Additionally, self-service operations have been added to the management for export/import of contact list.

For more information, visit www.ensim.com.

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