Cpacket 320 Gigabit Aggregation, Filtering, and Monitoring Box Helps Data Centers, Cloud, Service Providers

Combo of cPacket Chips and Marvell's Prestera-CX switch yields unique, dynamic network optimization platform at 320-gigabits per second

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cPacket Networks announced the availability of its 320 Gigabit network appliance that provides complete packet inspection filtering, traffic aggregation, selective duplication, and flow-based load balancing, as well as granular, wire-speed performance monitoring for 32 10-gigabit links. It is based upon cPacket's 20-gigabit chips and Marvell's 10 Gigabit Prestera switch.

The product, the "cVu320G," provides a centralized-data-center 10-Gigabit monitoring solution and enables on-demand capacity management, resource allocation, and real-time troubleshooting of bursts and spikes for the data center, service provider, and telecommunication markets.

Each of the cVu320G's 32 ports can accept an SFP+ 10-Gigabit pluggable transceiver. The input traffic from any port may be filtered, and combined with that of any other port, then steered to any output port, in a one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many model. The device can feed information to other tools and dashboards, in addition to its own, to enable broad situational awareness and proactive troubleshooting.

The cVu320G is available to cPacket's strategic customers and OEM partners next month; pricing is provided on request. More information can be found at

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