Nimbus Unveils Sustainable Storage

The S-class Intelligent Flash Storage Systems for the Enterprise designed for virtualization, databases, and compute-intensive environments

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Nimbus Data Systems Inc. unveiled the Nimbus S-class storage systems that features up to 504 redundant NAND flash blades and Nimbus' comprehensive HALO storage operating system. It also offers industry-standard 10 GbE and GbE connectivity, unified iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS support.

Key features include:

A 95 percent reduction in energy and data center operating costs: The Nimbus S-class systems consume less power than traditional disk-based arrays, delivering 6,000 IOps per watt and up to 675,000 IOps per floor tile. One S-class shelf, consuming 80 W and 2U of rack space, delivers uncached IO performance comparable to 2,080 15K rpm drives that would require eight data center racks and 37,000 W of power. With available integrated inline deduplication and compression, S-class systems further reduce the storage footprint of virtual machines by up to 10:1, achieving capacity density up to 25 TB per U of rack space, an 8x improvement over typical 15K RPM drive arrays.

Storage performance without tuning, tiering, or caching: The S-class delivers up to 1.35M uncached IOps and 41 Gbps of throughput performance, providing storage power for enterprise-wide virtualization, VDI deployments, databases and OLTP, and other IO-intensive HPC and rich media applications. The S-class replaces the root of the storage performance problem -- the hard drive -- with flash blades. Each hot-swappable flash blade is connected to a 6G SAS internal architecture, providing scalable performance up to 24x greater than 15K RPM drive arrays.

All-inclusive storage software: Nimbus' HALO storage operating system, built into the S-class, provides comprehensive storage provisioning and data protection features with simplified management at no additional cost. HALO's 64-bit architecture and dynamic storage pooling enable IT administrators to add storage on-demand and automatically manage it as a single pool of capacity. Unified block and file support with iSCSI, NFS, and CIFS protocols enables superior consolidation of SAN and NAS storage with a single device. Thin provisioning and inline deduplication maximize the utilization and efficiency of the storage capacity, while HALO's snapshot technology offers unlimited rollback points while maintaining optimal performance and minimizing capacity usage. Always-on continuous local and remote replication and a dedicated Ethernet WAN port provide secure enterprise-class high availability and bandwidth-efficient disaster recovery in-the-box.

Availability and Price

The Nimbus S-class is available now; a 2.5 TB model with a full HALO storage operating system license is $24,995; a 5 TB model is $39,995. The S-class scales modularly up to 21 enclosures for up to 100 TB total. Each system comes with a standard one-year warranty (upgradable to 3 or 5 years) and optional 24x7x365 4-hour onsite service. Additional information about Nimbus’ S-class systems is available online at

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