Syncsort Advances Data Integration with DMExpress 6

Update helps organizations unlock business value from data to improve decision making

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Syncsort has released DMExpress 6, its fastest and most resource efficient data integration software designed for organizations experiencing exploding data volumes and reduced processing windows.

Today’s organizations need to make fast, accurate, and insightful decisions in increasingly complex business situations and are pressing their IT departments to deliver low-latency information from data. DMExpress’s high-performance data integration software empowers organizations to reduce operating costs by delivering information from massive and complex data sets in minimal elapsed time, with minimal resource utilization, and on commodity hardware.

DMExpress often complements and accelerates existing data integration platform architectures to enable increased revenue streams and eliminate revenue loss caused by performance bottlenecks. In addition to helping businesses extract greater value from their investments in existing technology, it helps them more efficiently transform, integrate, and move data without the need for costly custom coding.

Features of DMExpress 6 include:

Performance: DMExpress 6 features innovations for target file data compression that accelerate performance by reducing I/O and disk space requirements to shorten elapsed times and minimize resource utilization. New automation capabilities for job checkpoint and restart and for event-based scheduling improve the efficiency of workflow processing. Support for Teradata’s pushdown optimization and load customization capabilities has been added to leverage Teradata’s capacity and ensure that the best Teradata load utility is used for a given job to speed warehouse loading.

Interoperability: DMExpress integrates seamlessly with all major data integration platforms from other vendors to eliminate performance bottlenecks, reducing elapsed time and resource requirements. The addition of metadata features for target layout export and run-time statistics in DMExpress 6 further enhances DMExpress’ ability to interoperate with customers’ existing data integration platforms. New layout export tools enable customers to exchange metadata target layouts with their existing data integration and metadata management tools. Run-time statistics also facilitate interoperability by publishing these statistics as an XML document.

Enhancements to Support Business Solutions: The DMExpress clickstream data integration solution has been significantly enhanced in this release; it offers advanced text processing and other functions. Web logs and page-tag data files can now be parsed entirely within DMExpress, and challenging clickstream data transformations such as URL decoding and multi-character delimiting can be easily performed.

Fast Data Integration Performance: DMExpress breaks the 1 GB-per-second barrier. In an independently audited benchmark, DMExpress extracted, transformed, and loaded 5.65 TB of raw TPC-H data at a rate of 1.6 GB per second on low-cost commodity servers. This was 13 times more cost-effective than the previous world record.

Speed and Efficiency Add Value to the Bottom Line: DMExpress’ fast performance provides organizations with a competitive advantage by enabling new business offerings that increase revenue streams, by leveraging more value from existing investments, and by reducing operating costs. DMExpress also delivers cost-effective high scalability for integrating data economically as volumes continue to grow exponentially.

Insightful Decision Making: DMExpress enables complex data integration initiatives that support business intelligence, Web analytics, database marketing, and other mission-critical decision making processes across all major industries.

Ease of Deployment and Use: DMExpress is designed for simple insertion into -- and interoperability with -- existing job flow to accelerate data integration. It easily replaces high-maintenance custom code and features a graphical, metadata-driven development environment.

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