Xebialabs Now Supports IBM WebSphere Portal

New plugin covers deployment of IBM WebSphere Portal-related artifacts

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XebiaLabs, a deployment automation company for Java applications, has announced the release of the IBM WebSphere Portal Plugin for Deployit. With the IBM WebSphere Portal Plugin, developers and administrators are able to deploy new portlets, themes and skins, theme policies, and other portal settings to their test and production environments.

Deployit's plugin for IBM WebSphere Portal covers the deployment of portal-related artifacts:

  • Portlets through the use of EAR and WAR files

  • Themes and skins, including automatically applying IBM standards from the latest installed fix pack to custom themes and skins

  • Configuration of theme policies

  • Portal settings, including the configuration of mark-up and clients support

  • Execution of XMLAccess, in order to correctly deploy access rights, pages, labels, URL mappings, resource bundles, property files, and policies

The plugin supports IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1 and above.

For more information, please visit www.xebialabs.com.

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