CAST Automated Analysis and Measurement Prevents Performance, Stability Issues

Study of SAP applications identifies multiple performance and stability issues that would otherwise go undetected, causing severe application malfunction

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CAST, a company specializing in software analysis and measurement, recently announced the release of its automated analysis and measurement software for SAP, Siebel, and PeopleSoft.

CAST software features:

  • Measures the quantity and quality of custom code produced by internal or outsourced teams

  • Facilitates compliance by generating lists of non-compliant objects and technical documentation to facilitate remediation

  • Detects changes between two versions of a customized application

  • Produces detailed technical documentation of the customization

  • Helps identify the ripple-effect impacts of upgrades

  • Estimates the costs associated with impact mitigation work

  • Speeds adoption of new software modules by identifying which part of existing custom applications should be modified, and visually details the impact of these modifications

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