LoadLabs Offers Load, Performance Testing with Upfront Pricing

Denver-based ProtoTest has launched LoadLabs, a flat-rate load and performance testing solution. LoadLabs represents a new way to think about load and performance testing

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LoadLabs takes the hassle of load testing and helps deliver improved online application and Web site performance in the most cost-effective way possible. Typically, test services offer price “estimates,” which create a significant barrier to determining the cost-effectiveness of a test. With LoadLabs, that variable has been eliminated: Web site and online application developers now can enjoy upfront pricing.

LoadLabs loads and performance tests Web sites by simulating users working with your site. The company uses scenarios that the customer provides, so these scenarios are real world user simulations. LoadLabs increases the load until it finds a failure or a bottleneck, then reports on how many users or transactions an organization can expect to support while still having acceptable performance. The report explains specifically where the bottleneck is and offers suggestions on how to fix it.

The company offers simple, easy-to-understand reports that contain actions that users can take. The reports details what tests were run, how the application performed under test, and how the application performed when under extreme load. Further, the server-side analysis agents allow LoadLabs to report exactly how the hardware was performing during the test and correlate that to performance the customer can expect. The report includes how many user or transactions your site can support and changes can improve performance.

Tests are completed in about a week, and reports provide both top-line and highly detailed information. Retests are also included.

LoadLabs is generally available now. Introductory pricing is $2,997 and $5,795. For additional pricing information, visit http://loadlabs.com/content/packages/. For product information, visit www.loadlabs.com.

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