BeyondTrust Unveils PowerBroker Express

Provides smaller enterprises with a Basic Privilege Identity Management solution

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BeyondTrust has released PowerBroker Express, enabling companies to manage, access, and log privileged activities on servers and devices in a lighter package. Express is a streamlined version of PowerBroker that includes only the basic features. The Express version of PowerBroker is intended for smaller companies and for non-critical servers.

PowerBroker Express will eliminate shared passwords and log activity down to the keystroke level. For non-critical assets that do not warrant the expense and resources of a robust process for granular privileged access on servers, PowerBroker Express offers a methodology for basic protection against the misuse of privileges. BeyondTrust's flagship product, PowerBroker for Servers, will still offer granular privilege management for critical servers.

PowerBroker Express provides an agentless deployment of central access controls that transparently monitor privileged activities across all IT environments. It also provides a consistent global set of security controls and eWorkflow policies.

PowerBroker Express provides full session, secure and searchable IO logging capabilities of all privileged activities on servers and devices. Full keystroke logging and firecall capabilities help meet compliance requirements and provides the capability to monitor the security of IT environments.

Additionally, PowerBroker Express will ensure that access to non-critical servers and devices can only be done through its interface, eliminating the possibility of users circumventing security policies. Users of PowerBroker Express use the PowerBroker Management Console as a user interface, allowing a consolidated management interface with other PowerBroker products.

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