iRise Ships Visualization Content for SAP Solutions

Pre-assembled visualizations speed time to value for critical SAP projects

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iRise has released iRise for SAP Solutions v2.0 that delivers an expanded set of pre-defined visualization content and speeds time to visualization for SAP projects.
iRise gives organizations a unique way to quickly experience proposed changes to a broad range of SAP implementations before configuring or coding. iRise for SAP Solutions v2.0 contains over 100 pre-assembled visualization assets for many types of SAP implementations.

Business analysts use iRise to quickly assemble working previews of SAP configurations, integrations, and customizations early in project life cycles to accelerate time to value and reduce risk for mission-critical SAP projects.

iRise can be used as a "virtual sandbox" for companies that want to avoid the time and expense required to code SAP sandbox environments to validate business requirements. For companies that already have invested in sandboxes, iRise can be used as an effective tool for identifying gaps between standard SAP and changing business needs. Visualizations can include non-SAP applications, allowing collaboration on the entire extended business process definition such as legacy applications, integrations, and mobile devices.

In both cases business analysts use iRise to quickly assemble a working visualization of proposed extensions or customizations that exactly mimic the look, feel, and behavior of the final system that can be tested by business stakeholders, accelerating understanding and driving fast consensus on what to build. iRise for SAP Solutions is a content module that includes a toolkit of generalized SAP solution-based page templates, masters, and styles that are used to accelerate the creation of visualizations.

"Companies that run their businesses on SAP now have a powerful way to speed up these projects," stated Emmet B. Keeffe III, CEO and co-founder of iRise. "Visualizing and fully experiencing SAP before implementation is a proven strategy to accelerate time to value for companies of all sizes."

A working preview of proposed SAP solutions can now be assembled in a fraction of the time it would take to set up and maintain a sandbox environment or generate paper requirements documents. Business stakeholders can 'test drive' the visualizations on their own or in collaborative meetings that directly involve subject matter experts. Comments can be logged and acted upon quickly, speeding consensus and eliminating confusion on what to build.

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