NEC Delivers Enterprise-Class Deduplication and Resiliency to Midrange, Remote Offices

New NEC HYDRAstor HS3-210 offers SMB and remote storage with a single solution

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NEC Corporation of America has released HYDRAstor HS3-210, the latest addition to its HYDRAstor product line, designed to backup and archive data for small- to mid-sized business (SMB) and remote or branch offices.

The new HYDRAstor HS3-210 shares a common code base with the larger HS8-2000 grid-based solution so that customers with SMB and remote data center needs receive enterprise-class features, including:

  • DataRedux deduplicates and compresses data inline within incoming data streams with linear performance scalability

  • Distributed Resilient Data (DRD) provides customizable resiliency levels for different applications and file systems

  • Snapshot provides instant file system copy capability for primary storage applications and extended data protection policies

  • RepliGrid (optional): allows for multiple independent grid and single-node systems to share information with one another via WAN-optimized asynchronous replication

  • HYDRAlock (Optional) ensures the authenticity of critical data while maintaining the chain of custody for regulated business environments

  • Optimized Copy (optional) automates WAN-optimized copy services for Symantec NetBackup through OpenStorage (OST)

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