TIBCO Cloud-Based Offering Makes Analytics Easier

New TIBCO Silver Spotfire brings business intelligence and analytics to anyone at home or work

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TIBCO Software Inc. has released TIBCO Silver Spotfire, a fully functional on-demand offering designed to enable anyone to create, publish, and share custom dashboards or reports for business analytics and business intelligence (BI) in the cloud.

TIBCO Silver Spotfire makes BI and analytics available to anyone, enabling visual analytics and interactive dashboards to be created and published to the cloud in minutes without requiring time-consuming setup or infrastructure.

The product is available at no charge for one year and provides an authoring client, and expansive Web-based sharing and hosting for the user’s personal or business Spotfire application. Monthly hosting options are available for ongoing usage after the introductory year.

TIBCO Silver Spotfire is more than traditional BI in a SaaS offering; it is essentially a “social BI” offering that enables business teams to easily build and share reports, dashboards, charts, and other visualization and calculations in order to grow a corporate analytics knowledge base. TIBCO Silver Spotfire can be integrated with social media, allowing users to embed live dashboards into their business blogs and online articles, thereby distributing their analytic knowledge base more broadly than is possible with traditional BI tools.

TIBCO Silver Spotfire is accessible for immediate use from http://goto.spotfire.com/silverspotfire/.

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