Druva Releases inSync v4.0 Blackbird

Provides a de-duplication backup solution for laptops

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Druva Software has released a new update to its award-winning enterprise laptop backup product -- Druva inSync.

Lightweight and scalable, inSync version 4.0, codenamed Blackbird after the Lockheed reconnaissance aircraft, is an application-aware de-duplication backup solution for laptops, specially designed to eliminate duplicates at logical-block or object level. It comes with added features such as a global source based application aware de-duplication technology, and an embedded new storage engine that redefines performance of data de-duplication enabled backups while supporting up to 16 TB de-duplication storage per server. With an average of over 80 percent of e-mails being duplicated across users, the new application aware de-duplication approach provides efficient backup by optimizing storage bandwidth and ensuring high levels of duplicate elimination.

Blackbird uses NoSQL Oracle Berkley Database (BDB) and provides a low-level storage interface for maintaining meta-data and in turn eliminates the network and SQL optimizer layers. It is also equipped with a redesigned WAN optimization engine -- Octopus and a new Web 2.0-based management console. The Octopus WAN optimization engine analyzes available networks and optimizes the data transfer for latency and packet sizing.

Other enhancements and their salient features include:

  • Storage Engine (Blackbird): supports up to 200 parallel connections, provides hierarchical restore points, and is based on embedded Oracle database

  • Redesigned WAN optimization engine (Octopus): provides up to eight parallel connections per client and smart bandwith calculation and throttling

For more information, visit www.druva.com.

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