New Unisys ClearPath Solutions Propel Clients into the Cloud

Unisys-hosted solutions give ClearPath clients new options to source IT infrastructure for application development, modernization

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Unisys Corporation has introduced the first in a planned series of managed cloud solutions for its ClearPath family of mainframe servers. ClearPath Cloud Development and Test Solution is a "platform as a service" (PaaS) solution. It extends Unisys strategy for delivering secure IT services in the cloud and sets the stage for delivery of further ClearPath Cloud solutions in the near future.

"With the ClearPath Cloud Solutions, Unisys enables ClearPath clients to leverage a new, cost-efficient business model for use of IT resources," said Bill Maclean, vice president, ClearPath portfolio management, Unisys. "Clients can subscribe to and access Unisys-owned computing facilities incrementally to modernize existing ClearPath applications or develop new ones. They can avoid unscheduled capital equipment expenditures in this uncertain economy and make more efficient use of their existing ClearPath systems for applications critical to their business mission.

The solution is designed to supplement clients' current development and test environments, providing access to additional virtual resources when needed for creation, modernization, and functional testing of specific applications. It provides expanded infrastructure sourcing options; accelerates delivery of business functionality to help clients hold down costs and keep projects on schedule; and provides a new approach that helps minimize the risks of large, costly IT projects.

Clients who choose the ClearPath Cloud Development and Test Solution purchase a three-month development-and test-block license to use virtual resources in the Unisys-hosted server cloud environment. This gives them access to a ready-to-go development environment that includes:

  • A Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for the Unisys MCP or OS 2200 operating environment, including relevant database software and development tools

  • A virtual development server, with amounts of memory, storage and networking resources sized to the specific development and testing requirement

  • Software enhancement releases and maintenance support services

Clients can use this solution to develop or enhance native ClearPath applications, integrate SOA technology to create composite applications, or add functions such as business intelligence. The development environment can accommodate Unisys Business Information Server (BIS), Enterprise Application Environment (EAE)/AB Suite, and other development environments.

Unisys engineering organization has deployed this solution for its internal system software development and testing.

Unisys offers optional Development and Test Planning and Setup Services to help clients define, implement, and tune the best development environment for their specific initiative.

Clients can also purchase Unisys Cloud Transformation Services that help the client design and implement the right cloud strategy to support their evolving business needs. Those using the solution for application modernization can opt for Unisys Application Advisory Solutions. These services help the client determine how best to streamline the environment for maximum return on investment -- for example, consolidating applications, integrating SOA capabilities, or enabling wireless, Web, or social-media access.

The ClearPath Cloud Development and Test Solution draws on the infrastructure behind Unisys Secure Cloud Solution for provisioning and resource management -- including Unisys Converged Remote Infrastructure Management Suite solution offering, which provides a unified view of an entire IT infrastructure to facilitate integrated management.

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