TestComplete 8.0 Eases Test Automation

Update makes it easier to create data-driven tests, identify and debug issues

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SmartBear Software has begun shipping a new release of AutomatedQA TestComplete 8.0. SmartBear is the new name for AutomatedQA, Smart Bear Software and Pragmatic Software.

TestComplete 8.0 adds over 120 features and enhancements that boost productivity of individual users and further streamline enterprise-level automated testing. TestComplete 8.0's interface has been enhanced specifically for first-time testers to get up and running more quickly. At the same time, new advanced features help power users create sophisticated automated tests with point-and-click wizards. The new Test Visualizer and the Data-driven Test Wizard make the set up of complicated tests accessible to everyone.

TestComplete 8.0 adds major new features that enhance user experience and enterprise-class automated testing:

  • Test Visualizer: TestComplete 8.0 automatically captures screenshots during test recording and playback, enabling quick and intuitive comparisons between expected and actual screens during test

  • New Automation for Data-Driven Tests: Creating Data-driven tests is now highly automated using a new wizard to access data sources in databases, Excel, and CSV files; users can create data-driven tests without scripting

  • Support for New Platforms and Technologies: Users can now perform automated testing of native and managed applications built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET Framework 4; TestComplete 8.0 also supports new Web technologies and platforms such as Silverlight 4 and Firefox 3.6

  • SoftwarePlanner and Other Defect Tracking Tools: TestComplete 8.0 is better integrated with SoftwarePlanner, SmartBear’s development and test management software, featuring new capabilities to generate reports based on automated test runs, and automatically log defects

More information is available http://smartbear.com/testcomplete.

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