2010 Enterprise Systems Salary Survey Results

Manager salaries stagnate, staff positions fare better despite tough economy

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In tough economic times, how are IT professional salaries doing? There are signs that the economy is pulling out of the recent recession triggered by the financial crises of 2007-2009, but IT budgets have clearly tightened.

What's the impact for IT workers?

Our 2010 Salary Survey summarizes the results of 893 enterprise IT respondents conducted by Enterprise Systems. The latest salary survey tracked salary figures for IT managers and professionals across a broad spectrum of organizations.

In Part 1 of our series on IT salaries, we look at how IT managers and executives have faired. As of the first half of this year, IT managers' salaries have been in the doldrums and the picture for bonuses was mixed.. However, salaries were significantly higher for many IT management professionals engaged in application areas such as supply chain management and service-oriented architecture (SOA) -- and in eight of the nine positions covered, managers engaged in supply chain management system development commanded the highest salaries of all. This was also the case for SOA work among seven out of the nine categories measured

Part 2 looks at salaries for key developer, analyst, and administrator positions. We found that seven out nine key IT staff positions we tracked enjoyed increased salaries between 2 and 6 percent; by comparison, salaries rose for only three positions in 2009.

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