Veryant isCOBOL Update Helps Organizations Innovate, Reduce Cost and Risk

New version simplifies data migration, file management; adds user interface to migration utility

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Veryant has updated isCOBOL Application Platform Suite (APS), its COBOL development, deployment, and modernization platform. The software release helps organizations maximize the business value of existing application assets with new capabilities to better customize and control application management and modernization tasks, simplify migration to isCOBOL, and enhance resource management.

isCOBOL software protects and extends applications by blending the optimized, business-oriented nature of COBOL with the openness, portability, and power of Java, without retraining staff or rewriting code. This powerful combination allows organizations to maintain and evolve existing assets with universally accessible rich Internet applications (RIA) in the cloud; localized, multi-language releases; and dynamic, database-independent distributions.

The software now offers greater customization and control of COBOL-friendly application development tasks. Users have the option to maintain separate settings for various operating modes (e.g., debug, release, and user-defined modes), and can specify which runtime properties to use when launching programs from the Eclipse-based isCOBOL integrated development environment (IDE).

The new version also offers simplified data migration and file management. A graphical user interface (GUI) has been added to the isCOBOL ISMIGRATE utility to streamline migration from the Micro Focus Vision file system to isCOBOL JISAM or isCOBOL ISAM Server. This GUI also makes it easier to move data from indexed file systems into popular relational databases such as IBM DB2, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

A new utility, the Veryant Graphical Indexed File Editor (or “GIFE”), is now available. GIFE allows developers to instantly read, modify, add, or delete individual records stored in an indexed file from a GUI interface.

Organizations deploying applications with the isCOBOL Server thin-client offering can now easily detect and resolve situations where record or file locks are blocking access to data through a GUI window or a reporting program.

isCOBOL APS is available now. Additional details are available at

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