Devart Releases CodeCompare Free, Pro Editions

New code comparison tool provides advanced programming- language-oriented approaches

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CodeCompare version 2, the free code comparison tool from Devart, provides advanced source code comparison approaches, that consider the peculiarities of different programming languages.

CodeCompare can be easily integrated with any version control system that supports external comparators. Solution can be set up as a comparison and merge tool with the help of the command line.

Version 2 contains the following features:

  • Structure comparison
  • Moved block detection and visualizing
  • Difference explorer
  • Folder comparison
  • Lexical parsing
  • Comparison pane swapping
  • Word-by-word comparison
  • Optional auto case ignoring that considers language specificity
  • Comparison in modal window in VS 2010 (useful when VisualSVN or TFS is used)

Note: features for code-structure comparisons are available on in the Pro edition, which is priced as low as $34.95.

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