Adeptol Releases New Version of High-Fidelity Document Viewer

Adeptol releases version 4.5 of its document viewing platform adding a host of new features and performance improvements

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Adeptol has released its next version of the document viewing platform. Adeptol Document Viewer is a high-speed, high-fidelity platform allowing users to view more than 300 file formats with no downloads, plug-ins, or ActiveX controls.

The new version of Viewer introduces a range of new features for developers and business users and offers better performance and loading times. Some of the key new features include: a built-in text extraction engine to extract text from documents; renderer for conversion of documents to pdf, tiff, png, and other imaging formats; support for additional file types; fidelity improvements for office documents; enhanced printing capabilities; and improved APIs for developers.

The new Viewer improves on its built-in self optimization technology to get the pages directly from the server as they are being rendered and improves the load times by more than 50 percent over previous versions.. The viewer self optimizes to load the documents faster based on network connection speed, document size, server load, client browser, and client machine memory.

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