Queplix Virtual Data Manager Integrates On-Premise, Cloud, Saas Software Application Data

Persistent metadata server makes data accessible to all applications, enabling common source of data information

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Queplix Corp. has released Queplix Virtual Data Manager (QVDM), which automates application and data integration and provides ongoing data harmonization. Queplix integration enables a consistent view of customer, product, and financial data so that vital information remains accurate across software systems. As a result, customers achieve far greater agility, cost savings, and rapid return on their investment than with legacy solutions, middleware, ETL, EII, and EAI tools or with very expensive data management solutions.

Queplix Virtual Data Manager solves a perpetual problem: the increasing number of online applications that do not share a consistent and common data set. At its core is a persistent metadata server, accessible to all applications to enable a common source of data information and truth. This benefits application areas such as customer relationship management (CRM), where cloud-based solutions such as SalesForce.com require integration and ongoing data harmonization with on-premise applications, such as PeopleSoft or SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Consistent data enhances customer service, reduces operating costs, and increases operational effectiveness in many areas. Consistent data is also an important part of compliance for chief financial officers that must certify the accuracy of reporting.

Queplix CEO Mark Cashman said in a prepared statement, “For the first time, organizations have a powerful data management capability that keeps the most important asset in any enterprise -- information -- in alignment and secure. There are a broad range of issues that can result from out-of-date and inconsistent information and the ROI for reducing and eliminating this problem is well understood. Queplix Virtual Data Manager is creating a new paradigm for data management that removes the complexity and cost of integrating and managing multiple silos of legacy and enterprise applications and data. Integrate all of your key applications with QVDM, and you will benefit from enhanced operating effectiveness and gather the additional reward of a strong return on investment that is so important in this economic environment.”

The architecture of the Queplix Virtual Data Manager drives the application and data integration process. The product can manage a simple integration between two applications or scale easily to integrate many multiple instances of a complex application such as Siebel or SAP. Application software blades enable QVDM to securely connect to many different target applications and data. The blades identify and extract key data and associated security information, then bring it into the Queplix Engine where it is automatically harmonized. Because QVDM stores metadata, not the actual data, it is many times faster than a database engine.

Additional information is available at www.queplix.com.

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