CommVault Simpana 9 Improves Data Management Efficiency

Helps data center manage virtualization performance, scalability

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CommVault’s next-generation release -- Simpana 9 -- enables companies to deploy modern data management that bridges the physical storage world and the rapidly emerging virtual one.

As enterprises transform their IT landscapes to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, legacy data management products lack the intelligence, automation, and scalability to protect, store, and recover vast amounts of data proliferating across physical, virtual, and cloud-computing environments. Simpana software solves these real-world IT challenges with increased virtualization scalability and performance, integrated source and target data deduplication, automatic and transparent integration with hardware array-based snapshots, and new tools that ease migration to CommVault’s Simpana 9 platform.

With Simpana 9, CommVault provides better way to manage data, making it easier for customers to buy, deploy and support a data and information management strategy built on modern data management software. By tightly integrating snapshot, replication, and persistent copies that are secure, deduplicated, and all managed by one protection policy behind a single pane of glass, Simpana 9 makes it easy for companies to backup and protect their data as well as quickly and easily find, access, and recover it anywhere and at any time.

Automatic policies eliminate the need for manual management cycles while also tiering data seamlessly and efficiently from the application array to the cloud for significant capital and storage cost savings of up to 50 percent. By integrating deduplication at the source and target, Simpana software dramatically improves backup speeds and efficiency, eliminating up to 90 percent of redundant data and reducing network traffic by up to 90 percent. Simpana software is independent from hardware and storage appliances and can scale as a data center or virtual environment expands to help reduce downtime and improve SLAs.

Key features and benefits include:

  • CommVault's enhanced Simpana platform now supports new virtual machines (VMs) and data growth by seamlessly scaling to safeguard thousands of VMs in heterogeneous environments without forcing customers to make compromises on data access or availability.

  • Simpana 9 software leverages CommVault’s SnapProtect snapshot technology to provide rapid protection and recovery of VMs. Real-world test results have shown that 500 VMs can be protected in just 17 minutes using Simpana software.

  • Simpana 9 reduces the complexity of managing and protecting sprawling VMs with advanced, automated discovery and more granular restore capabilities.

  • CommVault’s single console offers unique integrated visibility into resource consumption and storage utilization for both virtual and physical environments, resulting in simplified lifecycle management, protection and retention of data across all tiers.

Universal Deduplication Encompassing Source-Side Data Reduction

New source-side deduplication builds upon CommVault’s hardware-agnostic deduplication capabilities to reduce the amount of data being transferred across corporate networks for backup or replication by up to 90 percent while slashing backup windows by more than 30 percent.

Universal deduplication enables customers to have multiple protection policies, each with its own retention period, to access a common deduplication store and reduce redundant data across multiple locations, VMs, and systems for major savings in global data footprints.

CommVault offers new integration capabilities for SAP customers, including policy-based archiving for improved database and application performance.

Extended Application Management and Integration

With Simpana 9 software, CommVault delivers greater application protection by blending its SnapProtect technology with integrated, intelligent data management that spans application, database and storage layers. Enhancing previous support for all other major platforms and applications, CommVault now provides broadened storage array support for HP, IBM, and LSI, along with expanded application support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 and DB2 to ensure rapid recovery and improved SLAs.

Simpana 9 enables users to extract messages and documents from SnapProtect copies of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint without requiring the original application, thus expediting eDiscovery and search requirements while also offloading production servers.

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