Endeca Latitude Delivers Hybrid Search/Analytical Database

Enables easy exploration of data and content to support daily decision-making, gives IT a centralized platform for rapidly deploying BI applications

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Endeca Technologies, Inc., a search and business intelligence (BI) company, has released Endeca Latitude, a new BI product combining search and BI to improve daily decision-making in the enterprise. Based on a hybrid search/analytical database, Endeca Latitude gives IT a centralized platform for rapidly deploying BI applications on diverse and changing data. Endeca Latitude enables BI applications that guide users to better decisions. This improved discovery in daily decisions can decrease BI costs and improve productivity.

Traditional BI tools succeed at reporting on and exploring structured data in pre-determined data models, but users need in-the-moment information discovery so that with no training in the technology they can get answers to unanticipated questions. Endeca Latitude enables the rapid assembly and configuration of BI applications that bring together diverse data sources to provide discovery -- the ability to ask new, unanticipated questions that lead to better outcomes.

Today’s organizations need greater agility in operations and decision making. This drives new requirements for the BI infrastructure, such as the need to support decisions made by front-line employees and managers, plus the need to easily integrate a greater volume and variety of enterprise data and content. Traditional BI has struggled to support the level of agility required. Endeca Latitude meets these challenges by providing the following benefits:

  • Endeca Latitude uses MDEX Engine technology, a hybrid search/analytical database that brings together the information required for making critical business decisions regardless of its original type, format, or source. This allows users to explore data and content in an unconstrained and impromptu manner, rapidly addressing new questions as they arise. Bringing together diverse datasets without complex modeling and integration, the engine conducts search, navigation, and analytics. With support for IT-managed data governance and data security as well as industry standards such as XQuery, XML, and SOA, the MDEX Engine is designed to fit easily into existing enterprise architectures.

  • BI applications built with Endeca Latitude, called discovery applications, guide people to better decisions. The product's Discovery Framework provides a library of components for advanced search capabilities, IT organizations can respond to changing business needs by re-designing reports and dashboards in minutes, incorporating diverse data sources in days, and deploying entirely new applications in just a few weeks.

  • Endeca Latitude supports an agile approach to deployment that reduces the data modeling and integration, and application development inherent in traditional software deployments. It provides integration capabilities through the Endeca Content Acquisition System (CAS), an extensible framework for integrating a broad range of unstructured content, and through support for best-of-breed data adapters and ETL tools such as Informatica.

More information is available at www.endeca.com.

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