Viridity's EnergyCheck Provides Energy Efficiency Health Check for Data Centers

Helps enterprises quickly understand the overall energy efficiency of existing or newly acquired data centers

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Viridity Software, a data center energy resource management (ERM) software provider, has released its new EnergyCheck energy efficiency health check application which provides a fast and easy-to-use way to understand overall energy efficiency, discover hidden opportunities for recapturing power, cooling, and space capacity as well as cost savings.

Within one week of download and installation, the EnergyCheck software completes a thorough server power-utilization analysis and delivers a high-level report summarizing server utilization and the overall power/cooling savings opportunity. EnergyCheck helps enterprise data centers that want to understand their energy consumption and the utilization of their IT equipment.

“the EnergyCheck application is in direct response to customers consistently stating the challenges they face by not having a simple, non-intrusive way to understand power consumption, utilization, and tying their IT investment back to the business,” said Steve Keilen, vice president of marketing and inside sales at Viridity. “Customers are more than a little surprised, at just how much stranded capacity they are able to uncover with Viridity’s EnergyCheck software.”

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