Incisive Spreadsheet Collaboration Control Application

Incisive Concourse combines features for spreadsheet users with natural controls for risk and audit teams.

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Incisive announced a new spreadsheet collaboration and control solution named Concourse. Concourse benefits organizations at both the spreadsheet user and auditor levels by creating a collaborative environment for all involved to create, maintain, and audit critical spreadsheets. It allows spreadsheet users the familiarity of using Microsoft Excel for their tasks but the work resides in a flexible environment so audit teams can proactively manage risk and exposure to the organization.

The collaboration features in Concourse let project managers work together with team members. Collaboration features allow a project administrator to set up his/her own project team within Concourse. In addition, the project administrator may assign appropriate roles and tasks to each team member as well as send e-mail notifications regarding tasks and status changes.

Concourse includes an easy-to-track version control feature so users know they are working with the correct version; older versions are available for reference. It provides a "check in/check out" process to maintain the integrity of each spreadsheet. This process allows one person to change a spreadsheet while others may view a read-only version.

Concourse leverages the patented overlay technology with a powerful Diff function so both auditors and users can see what details changed in any spreadsheet since it was checked out. This comparison functionality monitors an audit trail of all activities associated with a spreadsheet, such as who checked it out and what/when/why changes were made. Finally, Concourse offers a wide array of standard reports to help auditors keep track of location, last published, owners, and more for all spreadsheets in the repository.

With Concourse, projects and associated information are stored in a repository according to spreadsheet management best practices. This repository may be accessed at any time so users can establish and maintain access to all project versions. The repository may be hosted in the cloud by Incisive, reside on a local network, or remain on a local computer as designated by company policies.

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