MaestroDev Launches Maestro 3 Enterprise Build and Private Cloud Environment

Application layer orchestrates broadest set of open source tools in a single interface

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MaestroDev has launched Maestro 3, an update to its complete enterprise build environment. Maestro 3 features an application layer that orchestrates the broadest set of open source tools -- including Apache Maven, Apache Archiva, Hudson, Apache Continuum, Sonar, Selenium, Xen, Eucalyptus, Icinga, and Puppet -- in a single application interface. Its production-grade private cloud platform is specifically optimized for the internal build and deployment environments that Fortune 500 customers require.

Currently, build processes are often only automated through the build and release stages and often do not include testing or deployment. Maestro 3 introduces “Compositions” that allow standardization and automation across a broader set of DevOps functions including build, test, report, enforce, release, manifest, and deploy, as well as infrastructure provisioning for dedicated hardware and both the private and public cloud.

For developers, Compositions deliver reliability and simplicity; build managers gain standardization across very large, distributed, agile development teams. Compositions allow enterprises to insert mandatory steps into a build, test, or release process in order to ensure enforcement of business, legal, and corporate policies.

Maestro 3 improves the enterprise build environment with:

  • Open Source: Maestro 3 integrates open source technologies for build, reporting, test, deploy, and cloud into a single application interface where they are orchestrated and maintained in the Maestro 3 application layer. Open source components deliver continuous innovation and collaborative development of customer-driven requirements to the core functions.

  • Compositions: Maestro 3 Compositions are an advanced mechanism promoting standardization across the broadest range of activities from build to deploy, enforcing compliance with required business policies.

  • Private Cloud: Maestro 3 includes a complete, production-grade private and hybrid cloud platform specifically optimized for the internal build and deploy environments that Fortune 500 customers require.

  • DevOps/Infrastructure: Maestro 3 delivers unprecedented efficiency to developers and testers by providing instant, persisted availability of project-specific build, test, and runtime target-environments with zero provisioning.

  • Agile Velocity: As agile development increases code velocity, Maestro 3 extends the same speed improvements through the build lifecycle to deployment, realizing faster application delivery.

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