Adobe Updates LiveCycle Enterprise Suite

Enables organizations to deliver contextual content, applications across screens and devices

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Adobe Systems Incorporated has released Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2.5 (ES2.5). New capabilities include enterprise mobility for improved multi-screen delivery of applications, an enhanced framework for building enterprise rich Internet applications (RIAs), and real-time collaboration to help organizations improve their interactions with others. Adobe is also announcing three next-generation Solution Accelerators to reduce development time and increase quality of enterprise applications.

For organizations with complex multi-channel or multi-device customer contact requirements, IT systems must keep pace with mobile and social customer adoption and meet customer experience expectations. ES2.5 enables organizations to provide their customers with consistent and contextual experiences across channels and devices according to their customers’ preferences.

Adobe LiveCycle Mobile ES2, new to the LiveCycle ES2.5 family, extends process management, data capture, and content services to mobile devices, providing enterprise mobility. LiveCycle Mobile ES2 easily integrates with back-end systems and enables intuitive mobile experiences for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices.

Organizations can also provide more social experiences by creating user-centric RIAs that embed real-time collaboration including chat, voice, video, screen, and application sharing to their customers. For developers, LiveCycle ES2.5 provides a standard toolset and methodology for design, modeling, and development of user-centric enterprise RIAs.

LiveCycle ES2.5 helps a company improve customer service and operational efficiency by extending existing business processes to the point of customer interaction by leveraging the ubiquitous Adobe Flash Platform and Adobe Reader.

Solution Accelerators

In addition, Adobe is releasing its next generation of Solution Accelerators for organizations that want to improve customer experience quickly. Built on LiveCycle ES2.5, Solution Accelerators kick-start project planning, decrease development time for production applications, and reduce risk with a supportable and upgradable framework. Solution Accelerators provide best-practice methodologies, solution templates, and building blocks to extend LiveCycle ES2.5. The three Solution Accelerators are:

  • Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator: Enable business users to dynamically create personalized communications using pre-approved layouts and content to provide consistent, high quality customer correspondence such as creating a customized claims letter.

  • Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator: Engage customers through communications that embed the power of personalized RIAs in secure PDF formats, including credit card statements, telecommunications bills, and electronic invoices.

  • Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator: Enable multi-party participation in content review processes.

Adobe LiveCycle ES2.5 is available now. Pricing and additional information about LiveCycle ES2.5 can be found at

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