Idealstor Releases Bantam Removable Disk Backup

SMB backup solution offers disk capacities up to 1TB

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Idealstor, a manufacturer of ejectable disk-to-disk backup solutions, has released its Idealstor Bantam, a removable disk backup solution designed to replace tape-based backup for small and midsize enterprises. Starting at only $199.00, the Idealstor Bantam offers up to 1TB of removable disk backup capacity, data de-duplication, and transfer rates of up to 480MB/second.

The Idealstor Bantam was developed to help smaller businesses back up more data faster. The Bantam is a direct-attached backup system designed to back up any server or desktop. The Bantam is a complete backup system and ships with Idealstor’s iBac Data Protection Software and management software to manage the removable disk media. Additional disk cartridges, extended warranty, and USB3 controllers are available for the Bantam.

At time of launch, Idealstor will offer disk cartridges with capacities of 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, and 1TB. Bantam cartridges are made from a rugged aluminum design and come with shock proofing to help protect the disk media when in transit or while being stored. The Bantam disk cartridges utilize 2.5” SATA disks and are forward compatible to offer larger sized media as larger 2.5” disks become available.

Each Bantam ships with software developed by Idealstor designed to make backing up to removable disk media a seamless process. iBac Lite, a version of Idealstor’s iBac Data Protection software, was specifically designed for the Bantam. iBac Lite includes enterprise-class features such as data de-duplication, drag and drop restore, and native format backup. Upgrades are available for network-based backups and for backing up live/active databases such as Microsoft SQL and Exchange.

In addition to iBac, each Bantam ships with Idealstor’s disk management software, IDM. IDM allows users to format, label, and eject the Bantam cartridges and ensures data integrity and that drive letters remain consistent as Bantam media is swapped out.

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