IBM Adds Smart Software for Three Industries

Helps organizations deliver better customer experience, slash costs of bringing products to market

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IBM has unveiled three new industry-specific software platforms and solutions designed to help organizations deliver a better customer experience to their clients while slashing the costs and time associated with bringing new products and services to market.

IBM’s industry solutions are designed to tackle some of the toughest business challenges in the banking, insurance, finance, health care, oil and gas, telecommunications, and retail sectors, helping businesses avoid complex and costly software installations and configuration while reducing planning time.

The new offerings are designed to help clients quickly adopt and benefit from new business analytics, security, and mobile computing solutions to make their businesses more profitable, more flexible, and provide a competitive advantage to help them become leaders in their industry.

The IBM Product and Service Framework is the latest addition to the framework portfolio and will cover a series of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and electronics. This framework spans the entire enterprise for companies that define products, design, manufacture, ship, market, sell, and service goods. It is designed to allow businesses to create and deploy new products and services for their customers.

Additionally, businesses will be able to enhance their relationships with vendors and partners to design and deliver products in a more efficient and cost effective way.

The Product and Service Framework provides capabilities in three areas that are critical to most industrial companies:

  • Insight and product innovation provides products that help reduce the cost and time of product development by up to five times through the integration of software, mechanical, and electronics tools and processes

  • Operations and supply chain optimization helps clients predict and react to variability in supply and demand to meet customer expectations and maximize the return on assets (ROA)

  • Marketing, sales, and service differentiation helps clients capture new growth markets, increase revenues and support new business and service models

New Software for Real-Time Visibility

IBM is also expanding the capabilities of its existing frameworks with new software that helps organizations aggregate information across the enterprise in one single view.

The IBM Integrated Information Core speeds and simplifies access to information pertaining to operations and provides a real-time view of business information and the ability to manage the enormous streams of data coming from sensors, instruments, and equipment.

This increased visibility allows companies to speed decision making, cut costs, and avoid unplanned shutdowns and increase production while streamlining operations. It extends the client’s ability to manage enormous streams of data with a reference model which can integrate information from multiple systems -- no matter where they are in the world -- and share the data collected.

IBM Real-Time Asset Locator tracks and monitors assets such as capital equipment (such as computers, machinery, or medical technology) in real-time to provide visibility of resources and improve asset management processes. It proactively monitors state, condition, and utilization of assets to improve usage while improving employee productivity by minimizing the time they spend searching for critical tools and equipment.

Each of these new technologies will be incorporated into IBM’s industry framework portfolio. Frameworks, consisting of products from IBM’s entire software portfolio, utilize server, storage, and networking products as well as the industry specific offerings and consulting expertise of IBM Global Business and Global Technology Services. The result is a repeatable platform upon which industry specific solutions can be developed, deployed and managed.

The new, fully integrated software industry solutions eliminate the need to configure, install, and maintain multiple disparate applications. As a result, clients to more rapidly create and deploy new products and services for their customers that can result in increased revenue and profit margins.

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