RhoGallery Helps Enterprises Manage, Provision Mobile Apps

Application management solution creates hosted, full-mobile life cycle suite

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Rhomobile, makers of Rhodes, a smartphone application framework for enterprise mobility, announced RhoGallery. The enterprise application store allows developers and administrators to create "galleries" of mobile applications which are then provisioned to their mobile workforce via a native smartphone application that sits on their handheld device.

RhoGallery is included as part of Rhomobile’s RhoHub hosted smartphone application development and management service.

With the addition of RhoGallery to Rhomobile's suite of products (Rhodes, RhoSync, and RhoHub) Rhomobile has now completed Rhomobile Mobile Business Unified Services product suite (RhoMBUS).

Features include:

  • Compatible with applications for all major smartphone platforms

  • Enterprise-class mobile app distribution and management

  • Suitable for efforts ranging from single-developer shops and SMBs to large-scale enterprises

  • Provides a single destination for all mobile workforce needs and maintenance

  • Allows IT managers to monitor application usage and data

For more information, visit www.rhomobile.com.

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