Serena Unveils Release Management Solution Suite

New Serena Release Management Solution allows organizations to automate processes and gain control over release management.

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Serena Software has improved its Serena Release Management Solution by powering it with a new version of its Release Control technology. The new solution allows IT organizations to gain control over release processes, reduce application deployment costs, and stay in compliance.

Serena’s Release Management Solution -- comprised of Release Control, Release Vault, and Release Automation -- enables Dev Ops personnel to easily and effectively manage the implementation of software changes into mainframe, Unix, Linux, Windows, and cloud production environments. This enables global enterprises to match the agility, accuracy and auditability of deployment processes to the rest of the application delivery processes.

New industry research shows most unplanned downtime is caused by people, process, and coordination issues, not by catastrophic hardware failure. Although most businesses have invested in automating their development processes, few have automated the last mile of the application lifecycle: release management.

The goal of release management is to create confidence around putting code into the production environment. However, in most cases this environment is not readily available when changes are being made, so most companies using manual processes and homegrown scripts experience downtime, mistakes, and lost revenue. Serena Release Management provides business-process-driven release management that enables IT to release across platforms, environments, and application tiers with confidence and integrity, be prepared for audits, and communicate with business stakeholders more effectively.

Serena Release Management now includes the latest version of Serena Release Control, a release governance solution that provides organizations a single system of record for release planning, approval, and control across mainframe, Unix, Linux, Windows and cloud environments.

The Serena Release Management suite is available now; pricing starts at $50,000 for each component or at $125,000 for the suite. More information is available at

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