MoreVRP Delivers IT Performance with Operating System Transaction-Level Optimization

New version features five new product modules; enterprise solution suites designed for application, database, and datacenter configurations; and full support for Microsoft SQL servers.

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More IT Resources Ltd. (MORE) announced the availability of MoreVRP (Virtual Resource Partitioning) Enterprise Edition 4.0. Enterprise Edition 4.0 introduces five innovative new modules designed to apply real-time insight, proactive and reactive control of the allocation of OS resources, and variance reporting to improve management of IT assets. The new modules have been integrated into a set of new preconfigured Enterprise Solution Suites to provide IT teams.

Underlying the major enhancements to Enterprise Edition 4.0 is the VRP technology, a real-time engine that enables control of otherwise-inaccessible OS-level resources. MoreVRP enables OS-level discovery and resolution of bottlenecks that interfere with the completion of application, database (DB), and system transactions. The VRP technology allows IT to identify and reallocate CPU and I/O resources at the OS transaction-level.

MoreVRP Enterprise Edition 4.0's New Modules:

Variance Graphs: Variance enables drill-down and comparative analysis to pinpoint acute performance problems, such as in bottlenecks during production, migrations, updates, and war room sessions, in just seconds to minutes and to resolve them immediately, minimizing MTTR to almost zero.

Tuning Task Manager: The Tuning Task Manager identifies and tracks improvement of poorly tuned transactions, enabling companies to not only resolve performance issues on the spot, but also prevent future crises.

Business Rules Wizard: The Business Rules Wizard provides application end users with a tool to quickly adapt resource allocation rules according to their specific business needs.

System Resource Manager: The Rules Engine for OS is a system resource manager that automatically allocates resources to active OS processes and events, bringing real-time control to the system administrator level, in parallel with DB and application management.

Integration Pack: The Integration Pack module enables integration and customization through SOAP, SOA, Web services, and scripting.

The five new modules have been integrated with the company's twelve existing modules to create MoreVRP's new Enterprise Suite Solutions.

MoreVRP Enterprise Edition 4.0 also includes full support for Microsoft SQL Server databases, adding real-time control to the already available MoreVRP for SQL Server monitoring solution. With this enhancement, MoreVRP can now manage all traffic generated by databases of almost any type across the IT environment.

MoreVRP can be installed during production without any downtime or changes to the environment in an hour or so. For more information, visit

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