Symantec Tackles Unstructured Data with Data Insight for Storage

New tools provide visibility, control to utilize stored data more efficiently, strategically.

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Symantec Corp. has released Data Insight for Storage to help organizations better understand and manage the sharp growth of unstructured data, including files such as documents, spreadsheets, and e-mail messages. Data Insight for Storage provides new visibility and control into the ownership and usage of unstructured data to help organizations reduce storage costs and align their information assets to business goals.

The solution was developed leveraging previously announced Data Insight technology and demonstrates innovation and integration across Symantec’s security and storage portfolio. Data Insight for Storage helps organizations promote accountability for storage consumption through a new chargeback process. In addition, Symantec Data Insight for Storage gives organizations the management tools to improve storage reclamation, archiving and data lifecycle management initiatives and policies.

Pinpointing ownership, understanding data usage, managing data consumption, and how to protect specific data becomes difficult with the ratio of incoming file data overcoming the ability to maintain it. With Symantec Data Insight for Storage, these stumbling blocks are removed and organizations can better control their unstructured data with the following capabilities:

  • Effective Consumption/Chargeback: Symantec Data Insight for Storage allows IT managers to see who created, who utilizes, and who is responsible for data. Individual users can be mapped to a department or line of business for consumption reports or chargeback. This allows for improved efficiencies of storage consumption by giving IT the ability to hold business units accountable for the storage space they utilize.

  • Inactive/Orphan Data Organization: By creating a simplified data owner identification process, orphan and dormant data can easily be located and organized. It creates candidates for reclamation, archiving or deletion processes thus creating a more efficient storage management practice.

  • Data Utilization: Symantec Data Insight for Storage allows IT managers to make more strategic reclamation, migration, tiering, and capacity planning decisions as well as help reduce capital expenditure with its storage consumption analysis reports and rich visualization of consumption patterns. Data Insight for Storage can also help organizations better understand these patterns to improve reclamation, migration planning and capacity planning decisions.

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