TwinStrata Updates CloudArray

Enables companies to adopt offiste data protection, disaster recovery without changing applications or using APIs to connect with cloud storage.

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TwinStrata, Inc., a company focused on iSCSI access to cloud storage for enterprise-class offsite data protection, file/archive storage, and disaster recovery solutions, has released version 2 of CloudArray, available in both virtual and physical appliance configurations.

TwinStrata’s CloudArray reduces capex/opex by enabling companies of all sizes to easily adopt offsite data protection and disaster recovery solutions in minutes without changes to existing applications or need for new programming or APIs to connect with cloud storage providers.

TwinStrata provides enterprise-class data protection solutions that are simple, affordable, and secure. These solutions leverage the scalability and efficiency of cloud storage while maintaining the availability, performance, and security of local storage. CloudArray software provides a substantial advantages over traditional off-site storage solutions, with a pay-as-you-go grow model, unlimited elastic capacity, local performance, in-cloud snapshots, AES256-bit encryption, and on-site, off-site, or in-the-cloud access to data.

The new CloudArray Version 2.0 includes a broad range of updates designed to further enhance the overall operation, reliability, and performance of CloudArray’s robust and proven feature set. Additionally, CloudArray 2.0 expands its reach to include direct integration with Mezeo, Peer1, and Scality storage platforms, offering customers more choice and flexibility when implementing a cloud storage strategy. Other CloudArray 2.0 enhancements include support for HA clustering, Solaris interoperability, alert, and portal improvements and performance improvements to the virtual appliance.

TwinStrata’s CloudArray features and benefits include:

  • Zero Time Restore: “Like-local performance” for fast and reliable instant access to data, eliminating long RTOs

  • Instant Disaster Recovery: Multi-site disaster protection with innovative asynchronous replication using one or more cloud storage providers simultaneously

  • Policy-Driven Dynamic Cache: Flexibly assign cache resources across different applications without creating cache contention

  • Flexible Cache Configuration: Easily create replicated data copies or shared cache configurations to meet various data access objectives across applications (RTO/RPO)

  • Thin Provision/On-Demand Capacity Storage Configuration: Easily provision capacity as needed using a pay-as-you-go model with no business disruption

  • Cloud Storage Interoperability: Integrated cloud storage support, allowing choice of one or many simultaneous cloud providers without the need for API programming

  • iSCSI Access Plug-and-play iSCSI access to cloud storage for offsite data protection, file/archive, disaster recovery, and storage expansion that operates across any file system or operating system

  • Snapshots in the Cloud: Built–in snapshot capability, allowing zero-footprint volume snapshots taken in the cloud, with zero bandwidth penalty and minimal capacity increase

  • Encryption and Compression: The highest levels of security with over-the-wire encrypted transmission and with AES encryption for data at rest. Data may also be compressed in real–time to maximize network performance to and from the cloud storage provider

  • Portal Alerts and Reporting: Management of one or many instances of CloudArray from the CloudArray portal with reports and configurable email-based alerting

For more information, visit A free 30-day evaluation version is available to

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