11Ants Model Builder Makes Predictive Analytics Accessible to Business Users

Excel add-in helps users find patterns, predictive relationships in data.

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Data mining and predictive modelling, once only the domain of the expert analyst, is now accessible to business users with 11Ants Model Builder, a powerful yet simple-to-use Excel add-in analytical tool. 11Ants Model Builder was developed for users who need the power to interrogate their own data without the high cost, delay, or need for a trained analyst – helping business users gain business insight and competitive advantage from data.

11Ants Model Builder is embedded into Excel, putting analytical capability in the hands of business users in a very familiar environment. Once downloaded, the 11Ants Model Builder Excel add-in allows users to immediately find patterns and predictive relationships in data loaded in Excel.

11Ants Model Builder’s simplicity is thanks to its HyperLearn technology, which does many of the tasks that of a trained analyst by harnessing data mining and predictive modeling algorithms -- effectively putting data mining on auto pilot. Complexity such as variable and algorithm selection is hidden from the user behind easy to use menu options.

Advanced data miners are also freed from traditionally time-consuming and repetitive tasks with features such as automated algorithm selection, automated tuning parameter optimization, automated variable selection, automated model evaluation, and automated ensemble building.

11Ants Model Builder has a library of 11 machine-learning algorithms including decision tree (similar to CART), Gaussian processes, logistic regression, logit boost, model tree, naive Bayes, nearest neighbour, partial least squares (PLS), random forest, Ridge regression, and support vector machine.

Business users can use the prebuilt models in 11Ants Model Builder to analyze customer data, credit risk, health risks, fraud, insurance claims, stock trends, quality control, performance monitoring, operations management, corporate risk, human resourcing, and manufacturing optimisation.

The technology can be used in any situation where data is collected on several variables that are likely to be related in some way. Other applications for the technology include science and medicine research, political campaigning, police and government service planning, and sports data analysis.

Users can trial the full version of 11Ants Model Builder and test it on their own data by downloading a free 14-day trial from www.11antsanalytics.com.

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