RhoSync App Integration Server Adds SalesForce Source Adapters

New version features robust analytics in management console

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Rhomobile has released version 2.1 of RhoSync, its Smartphone App Integration Server. RhoSync is a standalone server that simplifies building connectivity to backend enterprise applications and keeps application data current and accessible on users’ smartphones even when they are offline. RhoSync 2.1 features out-of-the-box source adapters for SalesForce and lets developers view statistics in their RhoSync application via the enhanced RhoSync Management Console.

According to Adam Blum, CEO of Rhomobile, thanks to these source adapters, “Developers do not have to write new code to connect to enterprise backends, resulting in a tremendous saving in development time and costs."

RhoSync 2.1 now features source adapters for SalesForce. This includes support for new SalesForce features such as their REST API and their new Chatter API. RhoSync also now offers both user by user sync partitions and app-wide sync partitions that all users share.

Analytics are now available in the RhoSync Management Console, offering increased visibility into usage and performance of any smartphone app. Developers and IT administrators are able to view key performance and management information such as user and device count as well as HTTP request/response time and backend application response timing. Developers are able to view statistics in their RhoSync Management Console as a graph.

The typical Objective C app will spend the majority of its code doing connection, retrieval of data, parsing the data, and populating and managing updates to the local database. RhoSync removes the need for all of that code, except the developer providing a small source adapter (typically less than a page of Ruby code).

RhoSync and the external RhoSync client Objective C library is available for installation and purchase at http://rhomobile.com/products/rhodes. RhoSync is also available as Software-as-a-Service in production at www.rhohub.com. For more information, visit http://www.rhomobile.com.

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