Sentilla Energy Manager Tracks Application Costs, Energy Consumption

Service-costing solution for virtual, dedicated IT environments

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Sentilla Corporation, which develops energy performance management software for data centers, has introduced Sentilla Energy Manager version 3.3, incorporating software to accurately track and predict application performance and energy use in both virtual and dedicated environments. Sentilla Energy Manager automatically records how much work is performed, how much energy is consumed, the cost of running each service, and the efficiency of each service. This enables enterprises to make informed, strategic decisions about where to run applications, how and when to virtualize them, and how to get the most out of their equipment and power capacity.

As companies transition from IT-as-a-cost-center to IT-as-a-service, knowing the cost and impact of each application is essential to delivering more services to the business in a cost-effective manner. Having this information ensures businesses can maximize productivity and minimize capital while enabling intelligent outsourcing, private and public cloud rollouts, and financial assessments for IT projects such as refreshing equipment.

IT organizations don’t know what it is costing them to provide an application or service. According to a 2009 study by The Alliance to Save Energy, “an overwhelming 83 percent of IT professionals admit they would benefit from a better grasp of their overall server utilization.” With this new version of Sentilla Energy Manager, IT managers now know the cost and utilization of each of their applications, where to most efficiently run them, and have ground truth data to make informed IT decisions.

According to Gartner, today’s data centers utilize less than 8 percent of their server and storage capacity and only 1 to 2 percent of available computing performance. Sentilla Energy Manager improves the energy-to-performance ratio through application benchmarking and strategic planning for organizations to extract much greater value out of their existing infrastructure.

The solution is now integrated with VMware vCenter and vSphere, informing customers of the cost of running their IT services (both virtual and dedicated), where opportunities for greater efficiencies exist, how to achieve the most out of virtualization and cloud projects, and the best way to deliver more services within the same power and space footprints.

The software-only approach employs virtual metering and analyzes power usage directly and tracks requirements, performance, and capacity of every piece of equipment, including facility infrastructure, power distribution, cooling, servers, storage, switches, and applications. Sentilla's customers routinely defer millions in capital expenditures and easily achieve over 25 percent in energy and cost savings, resulting in more resources to focus on running the business.

Sentilla Energy Manager version 3.3, available immediately, includes Sentilla application tracking and integration with VMware.

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