Index Engines Offers Cloud-based Backup Tape Discovery

New service reduces processing costs, provides full identification and access to data on tape for eDiscovery.

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Index Engines has unveiled its new cloud-based tape load service that will provide full identification and access to tape data for eDiscovery. The “Look & Learn” service, starting at $50 per tape, provides clients with full access to the index of their tape data with no need to install hardware or software. Customers can search the index for information about content, custodians, e-mail, and metadata -- all from a Web interface.

Beyond a simple file listing, this access allows full-content query to provide a true picture of what the tapes contain. After the tape content has been examined, Index Engines flexible service options include:

  • Full Extraction: Index Engines will deliver the full tape content, extracted, de-duped and de-NISTed, to the client in its native format.

  • Query-Based Extraction: Based on the client’s search criteria, Index Engines will extract the relevant data and deliver it to the client. The index built during Look & Learn can also be hosted for an extended time for future query-specific extractions.

Powered by Index Engines’ direct tape indexing technology, this tape load, virtual search, and data delivery service simplifies law firms’ and service providers’ access to tape content without the initial investment in hardware or software, and without an upfront learning curve.

Three choices are now available to leverage the power of an Index Engines solution: an in-house deployment, a virtual deployment using the new cloud-based service, or as a value-added service using one of over 50 service partners worldwide who provide end-to-end eDiscovery services.

The Look & Learn service is available immediately. For more information, visit

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