Video: DataCore Software Benchmarks VDI in the Real World (Interview)

DataCore Software takes a very different approach to benchmarking VDI.

The trade press is increasingly filled with reports, created by storage hardware vendors, bragging about desktop virtualization support statistics. They offer that their storage rig can “support 5000 virtual desktops at a sub-$100 price per VDI.” On its face, that sounds pretty awesome -- especially when you consider that the average business desktop runs about $400.

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The problems with most reports are two-fold. One is the narrow focus on the vendor’s own proprietary hardware platform. In effect, the vendor is demonstrating the large number of virtual desktops that can be stored in large part to justify the cost of the storage rig. The second problem is that virtually no company is going to virtualize 5000+ desktops -- at least not in one fell swoop. Until they reach the maximum number described by the vendor benchmark, the cost per desktop may be several orders of magnitude greater than the benchmark promises.

DataCore Software CTO and Chairman Ziya Aral took a very different approach to benchmarking VDI recently. Because DataCore doesn’t sell storage hardware, he focused instead on discovering the lowest cost per virtual desktop that could be achieved, irrespective of the underlying storage brands, and in a real-world implementation of a few hundred virtual desktops.

What he learned was astounding. He shared his findings both in a written report and in an on-camera interview for the C-4 Project. Here is one segment from that five-part interview.

To see the rest of the interview and to learn more about a VDI strategy based on storage virtualization, we invite you to view the rest of Aral’s discussion at

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