Kingston Digital Delivers Enterprise USB Solutions

Kingston's memory and distribution channels allow for worldwide availability, delivery, and customer service

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Kingston Digital, Inc. has announced a series of portable data security solutions -- the DataTraveler 4000 (DT4000) and DataTraveler Vault -- offering enterprises USB options that also deliver security control.

The major features include:

DTVPM: offers corporate customers centralized control of all USB activity. Leveraging the SafeConsole server software from BlockMaster, the DTVPM solution offers features including password control, device state management, file audit log, and file restrictor options to control what file types may be saved to the drive.

DT4000: brings military-grade encryption to corporations. The DT4000 is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated for the entire cryptographic module -- not just the security processor as with some other solutions. The DT4000 will also be available as a centrally-managed drive later this year.

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