Symplified Introduces Cloud Identity and Access Management Platform

Symplified Suite adds social identity, trust fabric app store, and no-coding SSO integration for SAML and HTTP-FED.

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Symplified, a cloud security company, has announced the Symplified Suite, the third generation of its solution that unifies cloud Web access management, federated single sign-on (SSO), and user management/provisioning with identity management.

Symplified enables organizations to securely integrate private and public cloud resources into their IT infrastructure. The Symplified Suite now supports social identity SSO via OpenID and provides "no coding" integration for SAML and HTTP-FED SSO using the Trust Connector. The new version also introduces the Symplified Trust Fabric App Store which delivers one-step identity and access management integration with hundreds of cloud applications.

The Symplified Suite addresses the complete life cycle of identity and access management for public and private cloud applications (SaaS) and resources (IaaS and PaaS). The suite's three integrated components (Symplified Access Manager, Symplified Identity Manager, and Symplified Sign-On) provide access management, authentication, user provisioning and administration, federated SSO, and usage auditing. This depth and breadth of capabilities was previously only available from legacy identity and access management suites that cost millions and take months to deploy. For dial-tone levels of service and massive scalability, Symplified is now available in 40 datacenters around the globe including Amazon EC2.

Symplified Sign-On accepts logins from frequently used consumer identity providers including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other OpenID providers. This eliminates redundant and Web site registration for users, and enables developers support OpenID based authentication. In addition, Symplified Sign-On reduces costs for businesses by allowing user management to be delegated, via OpenID, to consumer ID providers.

Symplified has introduced the Trust Connector to provide SAML and HTTP-FED integration for virtually any application without writing code. The Trust Connector reduces from weeks to minutes the time it takes to create SSO connections for both SAML and HTTP Web applications.

Symplified created the Trust Fabric App Store, pre-populated with both cloud apps including Google, Salesforce, Taleo, Workday and custom on-premises apps built with Java, .Net, Ruby on Rails and other Web architectures. This cloud integration hub enables enterprises to select the applications they want to protect from an iTunes-like interface within the Symplified Suite and create, apply, and manage policies for access control, single sign-on, audit, and more.

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