HP Delivers High-Speed Mobile Access Solution

Clients gain high-performance access to multimedia content and cloud applications from their mobile devices.

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HP’s Mobile Access Solution enables clients to optimize mobile communications through wireless access points that transmit three data streams per wireless radio, enabling the new HP Mobile Access Solution to increase the range on wireless networks. The new technology delivers up to 15 concurrent high-definition video conferencing sessions on the network.

The HP Mobile Access Solution delivers expanded connectivity without sacrificing throughput. Clients can access their critical applications in a mobile environment with near-Gigabit Ethernet performance.

The HP Mobile Access Solution provides clients with:

  • Near-Gigabit access point with three-spatial-stream, dual 802.11n radio technology

  • Management through a single interface for wired and wireless environments; integrated modules enable clients to centrally plan, deploy, configure, and monitor access points across the enterprise with a graphical interface

  • A single security solution that delivers access control, user authorization, intrusion detection, and prevention for both wired and wireless environments

  • HP's lifetime warranty, which offers expanded client protection and next-day equipment replacement

For more information, visit www.hp.com.

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