HP Releases Storage Solutions

Storage and server convergence lowers TCO for deduplication and virtualization.

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The HP StoreOnce D2D4324 Backup System and the HP P4800 SAN Solution with SAN/IQ 9.0 Software combine server, storage, and networking intellectual property enables clients to shift resources as needed.

The new HP D2D4324 Backup System accelerates backup and enables data center and remote office data protection. Developed by HP Labs, the solution offers “variable 4k chunking” and “sparse indexing” features, enabling HP StoreOnce to achieve higher deduplication ratios and faster recovery. HP StoreOnce D2D4324 offers clients:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Protect up to 1.4 petabytes of data
  • Improved backup and recovery speeds with a 66 percent performance improvement as well as twice the capacity compared to the previous generation

The HP P4800 SAN Solution is a storage area network to be converged with the HP BladeSystem. It is powered by HP P4000 SAN/iQ 9.0 software and can be managed with the HP Insight Control plug-in for VMware vCenter. This solution delivers enterprise storage capabilities including VMware VAAI integration to:

  • Cloning offload to the array
  • Block zero offload to the array
  • Hardware-assisted locking

For the large percentage of the blade server market deploying storage for HP BladeSystem, the P4800 G2 SAN offers a Converged Infrastructure solution. HP now offers the P4800 in a two-node configuration. The system also scales up to eight nodes within a new or existing BladeSystem c7000 enclosure.

For more information, visit www.hp.com.

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