Project Management Institute Introduces PMI Standards Benchmark and PMI Standards Navigator

New tools help organizations better manage programs and projects for successful business results.

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Project Management Institute (PMI) has introduced two new online tools that enable organizations to increase their competitive advantage by enhancing the success of their project management offices (PMOs): PMI Standards Benchmark, which establishes project and program capabilities and pathways for improvement, and PMI Standards Navigator, which establishes frameworks and validates processes for project and program management.

PMI Standards Benchmark is an online, survey-based platform with two distinct options: a 47-question survey that focuses on project management and a 42-question survey that targets program management. Both surveys provide detailed reports on process and practice strengths and weaknesses along with suggestions for improvements based on the nine knowledge areas in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)-Fourth Edition and The Standard for Program Management. By repeating the surveys on a regular basis and comparing the reported results, directors and managers can provide their organizations with accurate evidence of measurable improvements that can be tied back to the value and success of their project management practices or PMOs.

PMI Standards Navigator is an online, searchable database of PMI's standards and knowledge areas that enables organizations to:

  • Ensure that their practices are aligned with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)-Fourth Edition domains, knowledge areas and processes

  • Establish targeted learning programs based on proven expertise

  • Create custom project management practices and methodologies

  • Improve business results by validating and improving project team practices

PMI Standards Navigator offers multiple search options, including key terms and organizational success factors, for fast results delivery to multiple users. Visual process flows, complete with defined input and output, enable organizations to integrate PMI's standards and knowledge directly into their own practices and methodologies.

PMI Standards Navigator currently features all the process groups and knowledge areas from the PMBOK Guide-Fourth Edition as well as standards including The Standard for Program Management-Second Edition, The Standard for Portfolio Management-Second Edition, and The Practice Standard for Project Risk Management.

"Building and properly leveraging a PMO in today's fast-based business environment can be a challenge," said Craig Killough, vice president of organization markets for PMI. "These new products allow organizations and their project managers to quickly integrate PMI's standards and knowledge into their processes to increase efficiencies, improve alignment with organizational strategies and create PMOs that ultimately deliver competitive advantage."

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