BeyondTrust Updates PowerBroker Desktops

Version 5 includes user interface enhancements, streamlined deployment, improved management features.

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BeyondTrust has released PowerBroker Desktops 5.0. This new version adds rule generation options and automation, new wizards, enhanced dashboards, and improved organization. PowerBroker 5.0 also includes support for Internet Explorer 9, providing network administrators with additional control over what applications and ActiveX controls are installed from the Web that require administrator privileges.

The new features of PowerBroker 5.0 include:

Automatic Rule Generation: This utility makes PowerBroker Desktops an end-to-end solution for eliminating administrator privileges from users. Applications that require administrator privileges can be automatically detected in passive mode. The Automatic Rule Generator can use that data to reflexively produce a set of suggested rules.

Item-Level Targeting: The filtering user interface has been re-created with a similar look and feel to familiar Microsoft Group Policy Preferences, providing over two dozen targeting criteria to apply policies at the most granular level.

New Rule Wizard: With version 5.0, BeyondTrust introduces a step-by-step wizard for creating new rules.

Publisher Rule Type: This rule uses digital signature elements to target an application for elevation using the same mechanisms as Microsoft's AppLocker, based on publisher, product name, original file name. and file version. These attributes can be combined in any logical way to generate privilege elevation rules in an interface that is very intuitive and familiar to network administrators that work with AppLocker.

Rule Collections: Rules can now be grouped logically in a hierarchical fashion.

Rule Library: PowerBroker Desktops now includes a library of over 100 rules for applications and tasks that require administrator privileges. The library consists of a collection of common applications and tasks ranging from control panel applets to developer tools.

Dashboard: The new dashboard in PowerBroker Desktops consolidates key functionality into one location. Links to documentation, social media, reports, and other tools are all featured prominently in the user interface.

Expanded Wildcard Use:Wildcard use in rule arguments has been expanded to include the Shell, MSI path, MSI folder, and UAC rules.

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