Unify 4.3 Adds NetApp Integration, Automation

FireScope deepens service views, storage visibility, storage virtualization.

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FireScope, Inc. has released FireScope Unify 4.3, now with strong NetApp integration at the API level and multiple features that promote greater visibility and agility in IT operations.

New feature highlights include:

Introduction of HTML5 Canvas mind maps for FireScope Unify's Service Explorer, Network Topology, and Virtual Environment Maps, enabling drill-down among infrastructure dependencies to identify the root cause of performance and availability issues.

Integration with NetApp's Manageability 4.0 SDK, providing direct API-level access to NetApp Filers, Data Fabric Manager (now called Operations Manager) and ONTAP agents.

Expansion of the built-in Discovery engine to include further API-support from VMWare, NetApp and others to expand capabilities for automatically detecting and configuring best-practice monitoring without human effort.

Addition of a performance scorecard dashboard for FireScope Unify appliances.

This version also adds support for NetApp ONTAP 7, ONTAP 7 C-Mode, ONTAP 8, and ONTAP 8 C-Mode connecting either directly to NetApp filers, Data Fabric Manager, (now called Operations Manager), and ONTAP agents.

The complete release notes for version 4.3 of FireScope Unify can be read here.

By integrating API access with its built-in discovery, FireScope Unify can automatically connect to VMWare, NetApp, and other API frameworks, inventory current configurations, and automatically apply a best-practice collection of monitoring metrics, dashboards, events, and alerts. After initial deployment, as discovery is performed on a scheduled basis, FireScope Unify automatically adjusts its configuration as new or modified virtual machines, volumes and applications are identified.

For more information, visit www.firescope.com.

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