RunMyProcess Introduces Shared Inbox for Gmail to Streamline Customer Support Ticketing, Assignment, Management

Gmail integration lets multiple team members access shared e-mail, assign tasks, monitor progress, respond to requests at less cost than Microsoft Exchange public folders.

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Cloud-based business process platform provider RunMyProcess today launched Shared Inbox for Gmail, a plug-in that brings full-featured and flexible e-mail inbox sharing to the Gmail platform to streamline customer support, sales, and other shared inbox needs. Available now in the Google Apps Marketplace, the new module provides an alternative to public folders on Microsoft Exchange for companies migrating to the Gmail platform for enterprise mail.

Ideal for support ticketing applications, the RunMyProcess Shared Inbox module integrates onto any Gmail domain and runs as a gadget in each user’s individual Gmail account. Each group member sharing the inbox can immediately see all incoming mail tickets, assign tickets as tasks for completion, and communicate with the original e-mail sender anonymously through the shared e-mail address.

With RunMyProcess Shared Inbox, individual users can be a member of any number of Shared Inbox groups and manage tickets and tasks from each within a single Gmail user interface. Each member can view the assignments, ticket status, and resolution of other group members for tracking and quality assurance purposes. The system can also be configured to automatically archive closed e-mail threads after a set time period while allowing all group users to access the archives if needed (for example, in the event an issue should resurface).

Shared Inbox is priced at $10 per user per year for access to an unlimited number of shared inboxes (in addition to standard Gmail fees). A free version for up to three individual users is suited to small and mid-size companies. Shared Inbox is available a la carte and does not require the purchase of a standard RunMyProcess Workflow account.

More information about RunMyProcess and its new Shared Inbox for Gmail module can be found at

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