Cofio Delivers MS SQL Server Protection with Live Consistency

New technology creates one-minute RPOs.

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Cofio Software Inc. has delivered a Microsoft SQL Server protection solution with continuous consistency for maximizing SQL performance and uptime, and most granular recovery point objectives (RPO), with zero-window backup and deduplication.

Cofio's flagship product, AIMstor 2.4, now provides automatic identification of SQL data on a single machine or in a network of MS SQL servers, syncs them to the AIMstor repository and uses its continuous source side deduplication technology to transfer data in real-time blocks for the most granular and fully consistent MS SQL Server RPOs available.

AIMstor fully unifys all the key data protection technologies into a single application. In a single policy AIMstor can provide:

  • Real-time backups that are synchronized with the applications; granular recovery points of up to an hour with retention spanning years
  • CDP backups with an "up-to-the-second" image, allowing flexible retention spanning days
  • Real-time replication, providing immediate secondary image suitable for application failover
  • Touch-once technology enabling real-time backup, CDP, and replication to be used together without any additional CPU or network overhead on the source system
  • Backup and CDP to a common repository provides in-line "common block single instancing," enabling dual technologies to be used without doubling storage
  • Real time capability total removes the backup window
  • Full restore from any incrementals, removing the need for full backups
  • Suitable for low-bandwidth environments after initial synchronization

AIMstor can be installed and set up without any application downtime. Even the initial backup can be performed on a live and active system.

AIMstor's latest improvements includes bandwidth performance enhancements that can accelerate backups 10 to 20 times faster than legacy backup products, a 95 percent reduction in storage capacity and simplicity for exponential increases in IT management efficiencies. AIMstor can also restore SQL databases at the disk write and read speeds available, network bandwidth permitting.

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