Varonis Enhances Exchange Management Tool

DatAdvantage update increases visibility, control for Exchange admins.

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Varonis Systems Inc. has updated it DatAdvantage for Exchange solution. The new version gives Exchange administrators increased visibility and control over their mailboxes and public folders.

Microsoft Exchange journaling and diagnostics only capture a limited amount of data. With Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange, administrators have full visibility into activities and into who deleted a message or a folder; who changed permissions; who sent a message on behalf of someone else; who changed the content of an e-mail message and forwarded it as or on behalf of the original sender; who accessed an inbox, read e-mail messages, and then marked them as unread.

“Even with massive investments in messaging protection such as e-discovery, backup, antivirus, and anti-spam, organizations still cannot perform the most basic management and protection tasks within Exchange,” said Yaki Faitelson, chief executive officer, president, and co-founder of Varonis. “It is impossible to say with 100 percent confidence that e-mail is secure without visibility into who has access to mailboxes and public folders and what users are doing with this access. The limited visibility and controls offered within Exchange, combined with soaring use of e-mail, continue to create situations of extreme jeopardy for organizations. Over and over we see that business catastrophes start with or involve e-mail.”

The Varonis Metadata Framework technology, the foundation for all Varonis products, uses file-system filtering to bypass the limitations of standard file system auditing capabilities and Exchange journaling and diagnostics mechanisms. The Varonis Metadata Framework collects and aggregates large amounts of metadata non-intrusively, then normalizes, stores, and analyzes it and present actionable information to both messaging staff and non-IT users.

To prevent unauthorized access to mailboxes and public folders, Exchange administrators need to see and understand activity patterns over the entire platform, understand ownership of the data, visualize access for all mailboxes and public folders across all the information stores, easily identify stale mailboxes and public folders, and optimize processes for consolidation and migration. Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange automates tasks that administrators are already doing manually hundreds of times every day.

Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange enables customers to manage mailboxes and public folders alongside file servers and SharePoint sites through the Metadata Framework and DatAdvantage UI, offering the same permissions visibility, audit trail, and recommendations as in other Varonis data governance solutions.

With Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange, customers have detailed permissions and activity intelligence enabling them to:

  • Clean up access to shared mailboxes and public folders
  • Find lost messages
  • Automatically audit and track message activity
  • Identify spikes in activity
  • Identify data owners and remove stale public folders and mailboxes

Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange features include:

Bi-directional permissions: Provides visibility from both a mailbox/folder and user/group view that allows administrators to easily analyze and report on permissions, spot permission errors, and improperly delegated access

  • Auditing automation: Includes a detailed audit trail with highly granular filtering and sorting so administrators can see when e-mail was sent, from and to whom it was sent, and when it was opened
  • Recommendations and permissions modeling: Administrators can quickly spot excessive rights and test permissions changes -- prior to committing them -- so changes will not disrupt end-user productivity
  • Ownership identification: Automates ownership identification, assignment, and reporting for mailboxes, public folders, and distribution groups to facilitate proper access authorization and review
  • Stale data identification: Helps IT reduce storage overhead and costs

For more information about Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange, click here.

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