New Cloud Development Kit Builds on DynamicOps Operations Virtualization Platform

Simplifies and accelerates creation, extension of private cloud.

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DynamicOps, provider of an operations virtualization platform that enables unified cloud automation and management, has released its DynamicOps Cloud Development Kit for rapidly deploying and extending a user-centric private cloud. The Cloud Development Kit, which leverages the DynamicOps platform and runs on the foundation of Microsoft technologies, makes it easy for enterprise IT to integrate, adapt, and extend their existing systems, enabling the fastest time-to-cloud value.

The Cloud Development Kit enables enterprises to quickly and easily:

  • Create a unique cloud system in days using intuitive tools that employees understand today
  • Adapt to any third-party environment including proprietary systems
  • Modify existing modules with unique processes relevant to the enterprise’s specific business
  • Develop custom modules to address company-specific needs
  • Accelerate private cloud and VDI deployments

DynamicOps enables businesses to rapidly create a robust private cloud and leverage that cloud as a platform for evolving to next-generation services in a controlled manner and with minimal resources. With the Cloud Development Kit, enterprises can:

  • Integrate with existing processes, imprinting their way of doing business on the cloud
  • Adapt to underlying infrastructure whether it is a widely used technology or a proprietary home-grown solution
  • Extend the overall cloud into a Cloud as a Platform, where the next generation of services can be created to leverage the company’s unique cloud value

The DynamicOps Cloud Development Kit contains all the tools necessary for administrators and developers to extend the cloud into new and unique infrastructure, including automation and orchestration of non-virtual or physical machine-related processes and resources. It includes:

Design center: Visual tool for administrators to transform activities into user-aware workflows

Visual Studio plugin: Developer tool for creating custom activities and workflows natively from Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Dynamic cloud interface documentation: Auto-generated API documentation outlining native and custom RESTful interface

Model documentation: Details the workflows, activities, security configurations, data model, event trigger, and distribution policy (among other details) used as building blocks for creating user-centric cloud governance

Coding examples and best practices: Outlines the best practices for making coding choices and provides real world examples of solutions created by DynamicOps own professional services organization

For information about DynamicOps Cloud Development Kit, click here.

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