Amazon Trims Cost of Cloud Data Transfers

Company eliminates charge for inbound data transfer across all services in all regions.

Amazon Web Services said it is eliminating the fees for inbound data transfers and reducing fees for outbound data transfers among all its cloud services, including its CloudFront content delivery network.

The move comes just a week after Microsoft said it will no longer charge for inbound data transfers for its Windows Azure service. Both companies' price changes are effective July 1.

"There is no charge for inbound data transfer across all services in all regions," the company said in a blog post, where Amazon pointed to 14 price cuts over the past four years.

"That means, you can upload petabytes of data without having to pay for inbound data transfer fees. On outbound transfer, you will save up to 68 percent depending on volume usage. For example, if you were transferring 10 TB in and 10 TB out a month, you will save 52 percent with the new pricing. If you were transferring 500 TB in and 500 TB out a month, you will save 68 percent on transfer with the new pricing."

Under the new pricing plan, users will pay 12 cenets to send a GB, down from 15 cents for those sending up to 10 TB a month. On the higher end, those that transfer out 500 TB will pay only 50  cents per GB, down from 80 cents.

The new costs are reflected in Amazon's pricing calculator.

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