SuperLumin Networks Reveals Nemesis Version 2.2

New software release includes network acceleration applications paired with customized authentication controls.

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SuperLumin Networks has announced its latest software release -- Nemesis 2.2.

The latest features in SuperLumin Nemesis 2.2 include:

  • Web-based management console that incorporates full administration of client and site-to-site VPNs
  • Supports version 2c of the Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Custom or localized error page specification to replace generic error pages corresponding to HTTP error conditions
  • Custom logging that complies with existing reporting and data mining applications
  • Manages NIC teaming or bonding through management console
  • Manages any number of servers from a common management console
  • Automatically pushes log files via FTP to a central log repository as they are rotated
  • Supports transparent Single Sign-On in eDirectory and Active Directory environments for both Windows and Macintosh users
  • Expanded real-time graphing support includes response times, cache hit rates, and CPU utilization
  • Generates exportable reports from MySQL with a Web-based user interface
  • Download feature to pre-populate the cache

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